Flaresim Technical Details

Flaresim is validated to run under Windows 7, 8 and 10. It should also run on earlier versions such as Vista and XP but is not tested for this. Under 64-bit versions of Windows it runs as a 32-bit application . A PC on which you wish to run Flaresim should have at least 1Gb of RAM, and should also have a USB port for connection of the Flaresim security key.

Flaresim is also available in a network version where usage of the software is controlled centrally through a licence server using the Safenet Sentinel RMS system. Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous users of the program. ‘Commuter licensing’ – where licences can be checked out to PCs away from the network – is also supported.

The application comes with full documentation, including a complete description of the program methods and a number of tutorials containing worked examples.

Flaresim screenshot

  • Flaresim 5.3.1 Release

    28th October 2019 more >

  • Flaresim 5.3.0 Release

    19th August 2019 more >


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